Hand Carved Wooden Spoon Cherry Wood Eating Spoon

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Beautiful hand carved cherry wood eating spoon. A large bowl is perfect for eating your favorite yogurt, ice cream, oatmeal or anything else you need to scoop. Could be used as a small serving spoon. Nicely curved to fit hand and mouth perfectly with a beautiful cherry wood color and grain.

Spoon measures 8.0" overall with a 2.5"L by 2"W bowl.

All my spoons are made by using traditional spoon making methods. Starting with fresh wood, I use nothing but ax, draw knife, straight knife and hook knife. Since no saws are used, the wood is cut with the fibers of the wood, making a much stronger spoon and gives a smooth knife surface. A paste of beeswax, mineral oil and walnut oil is applied then each spoon is burnished with a deer antler to a hard smooth finish. Each of my spoons are one of a kind unique and are heirloom quality guaranteed to last a lifetime!

Spoon care:
DO NOT wash the spoon in the dishwasher. Hand washing only!

Apply mineral or walnut oil to the spoon every few months to restore its original shine.

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