Hand Carved Wooden Spoon Cook Spoon Stirring Spoon Wedding Gift Walnut Spoon

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Need a versatile, do it all cook spoon? Well, I got it. Beautiful heartwood walnut and the unique shape make these cook spoons stand out in anyone’s kitchen. My most popular spoon, these are the workhorse of the kitchen. The “leaf” shape allows the spoon to reach even the deepest corners of the pot or pan, and the thin, flat edge is perfect for scraping and stirring. These are a favorite among cast iron chefs everywhere since they won’t damage their precious cast iron pans but still have the strength to get down and dirty. Built to last, they will be the go to cook spoon! Need something for a unique Valentines Day gift? Who wouldn’t cherish one of these hand carved spoons.

Overall length: 14” Bowl L 3” X W2.5”

All my spoons are made by using traditional spoon making methods. Starting with fresh (or green) wood, I use nothing but ax, draw knife, straight knife and hook knife. And because no saws are used, the wood is cut along the fibers, making a much stronger spoon and gives a smooth knife surface. A paste of beeswax, mineral oil and walnut oil is applied then each spoon is burnished with a deer antler to a hard smooth finish. Each of my spoons are one of a kind unique and are heirloom quality guaranteed to last a lifetime!

Spoon care:
DO NOT wash the spoon in the dishwasher. Hand washing only!
Apply mineral or walnut oil to the spoon every few months to restore its original shine.

The wood used for this spoon came from an historic farm in Lexington Va. called Harper Hill. The walnut tree was over 100 yrs old and had to be removed. The wood was generously donated and in commemoration I numbered every spoon that was carved from the tree. Each Harper Hill spoon is engraved with the initials HH and a number corresponding to the item carved. There are a very limited number of these spoons! (less than 400).

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